Grown in Detroit for goodness sake!

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Good for Our Customers

We provide sustainably-grown, pesticide-free, non-GMO, produce at fair price.  Our Crops are harvested by hand at the perfect time which leads to peak flavor and nutritional value. Grown in Detroit means our food doesn’t travel far and your taste buds will notice!  Our indoor farm harvests all year long resulting in a consistent supply for our customers.

Good for Our Neighborhood

Artesian Farms is dedicated to providing meaningful opportunities and relationships to the people in our neighborhood.  Currently 100% of our team is made up of people who live in Brightmoor.  We’re doing our best to help our neighborhood grow, one seed at a time.

Good for Our City

Our Farm was previously an abandoned warehouse.  We’ve transformed what was blight into a community resource for healthy food and employment.  We’re a small part of a larger transformational movement happening in our city.

Good for Our Planet

  • Our method of growing uses 90% less water than conventional farming.
  • We don’t use chemical inputs on our produce which protects soil and water supply
  • Locally sourced hydroponic food reduces petroleum consumption in the traditional food supply chain by eliminating the need for farm machinery and vehicles used for distribution.

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